Transforming Data to Knowledge

Working Together for the Right Solution

 D2K is dedicated to the design and delivery of quality enterprise intelligence software that helps provide improved awareness and increased efficiency of operations for our customers. Our software is distinguished by its use of model-based reasoning and the application of artificial intelligence technologies used for transforming data into improved understanding and actionable information. We are dedicated to assuring quality, delivering value, providing honest communications with our customers, and devoting ourselves to the promotion of our people


Our world moves quickly...

Every day the world seems to get a little bigger with exploration of our own planet and beyond. 

At D2K we help you to focus on your goals and achieve your optimal outcomes by assuring security.

No matter the problem, we have the solution



D2K-innovating for the next generation. This innovation comes from our partnerships with clients. 



Realms of with us to see our innovation in action.



D2K's strengths are its people. We are a tight-knit, family-oriented business comprised of a team of developers that operate efficiently as a result of good communications and well-defined engineering processes. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and services and strive for complete transparency when interfacing with our customers. We care for our employees and want them to be successful and fulfilled as a result of being part of the D2K.