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Case Studies

We serve our clients by facilitating the transformation of collected data sets to usable system knowledge. 
Autonomous Propellant Loading

NASA Autonomous Propellent Loading System – Safe & Efficient Transfer of Hazardous Rocket Fuel Components.

Developed and installed by D2K at NASA-SSC the Universal Propellant Servicing System (UPSS) is a State-of-the-art application development software product.

Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG)
General Atomics – AAG HealthMap – Enables safer landing of Aircraft on US Navy Carriers. . It was designed to provide needed higher reliability and safety margins, as well as to automatically manage the arrestment of a greater range of aircraft and reduce the fatigue impact load to the aircraft and pilot.
NASA Platform for Autonomous Systems
Developed for NASA, NPAS is an integrated toolkit that provides a stable, repeatable, model  based PHM system platform that facilitates the implementation and control of autonomous mission critical space applications. Autonomous control spans three interrelated mission systems, Power, Avionics and Vehicle Manager. Each system capable of Autonomously and safely modifying operation for unplanned situation occurrences.
Guaranteeing safe manned space vehicles to Mars and beyond.
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