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Code Metric Toolkit


Cover Your Assets

Created by D2K for monitoring the execution of G2 code and reporting the results as industry standard metrics

  • Monitors without modifying the body of the procedures

  • Code under test is sacred

  •  CoMeT always ‘resets’ the code base to its original state

comet config.png
CoMeT enables you to fine tune your coverage test by selecting which modules will be included and the criteria to be evaluated.
You can quickly review the test results in G2 either by procedure or rolled up into a module-level result.
Export results to a CSV file to aggregate test results from multiple systems.
comet detailed report.png
comet report_with icons.png
The test results are viewed in detail for each metric type, for every procedure.

Interested in getting CoMeT? Want more information on CoMeT and its capabilities? 

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