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* Our workforce is 100% remote. In this regard, we do not have any disruption  by Covid-19. We keep on working from home as we have always been.
* However, any business activity implies contact with clients. At D2K we take our employees and customer’s health and safety very seriously, so we follow every measure in our reach to reduce and avoid any risk of contagion. We follow practices like meeting in video calls instead of personally, whenever possible. And if an unavoidable trip is made, we strictly stick to every health regulation during the trip.
* And, just like ever other family in the world, ours have been impacted in their day-to-day activities, so we have become even more flexible so that our people are able to reorganize their lives as needed and keep them compatible with their duties.

D2K is supporting other companies that fight the Covid-19 pandemics in one way or another. In that sense, we are proud to be part of such efforts. However, we also know that making sure our employees stay safe and sound is the one effort that assures any other in this battle against Covid-19.

Working from Home
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