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Gensym’ s powerful Real-time Expert System G2 automates the control and decision management of any complex system, process or simulation, and is an on-premise solution available in both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Benefits of G2

  • Real-time reasoning and inference engine for developing “expert” systems for simulation, process and production control.
  • World’s only expert system platform that facilitates enablement of many use cases by providing a unified development, test, deployment and management platform.
  • Relational object-oriented modeling environment perfectly suited for creating “Digital Twin” technology supporting model-based reasoning and physics simulation. Modeling constructs consistent with model-based systems engineering (MBSE).
  • Builds applications that cater to unique use cases in industries as different as terrestrial mining and manufacturing, as well as telemetry-based management of space assets like satellites, aircraft engines and everything in between.

G2 is being reinvented worldwide in an expanding number of new ways that provide better management of projects, faster return on investment, safer results, more predictable outcomes, more intuitive user interfaces, big data analytics, and many more every day.

Look at these industries that  are just examples of what G2 can do. Don't be left behind, let us collaborate in adding yours! 

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