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Mission Critical Applications for Mission Critical Industries

Leading companies in countless industries power their solutions with the flexible G2 platform


  • Defense Programs: Ensure safe and effective delivery of mission critical defense systems. G2 provides reliable system health prognoses for defense projects that depend on accurate and timely implementation of mission objectives.
  • Space Programs: Deliver your mission faster with better information and control. G2 systems monitor satellite telemetry and traffic, resolve problems and ensuring operational success autonomously from hundreds or thousands of miles away in real-time.
  • Cement: Captures lasting efficiency in material production with G2 by optimally managing every system.  Run closer to operating limits by reducing variability and prevent shutdowns with early warnings.
  • Mining: Extract more value with Advanced Process Control. G2 enables management of sophisticated unmanned systems, saving lives and improving operator health and productivity.
  • Telecommunications: The most complex networks in the world are managed by G2. Diagnose the root cause of any problem immediately and drastically reduce the time it takes to respond to faults in your network.
  • Renewable Energy: Dependable and efficient delivery of energy is one of the highest priorities in the world today. G2 empowered energy delivery systems provide the timely flexibility to incorporate the best available energy source to meet rapidly changing delivery requirements and emergency conditions
  • Oil & Gas: From Exploration through production, processing and distribution, Oil and Natural gas remain the backbone of the world’s energy resources. Safe, affordable delivery of these resources demands new and innovative solutions. G2 is being used by industry leaders to improve good systems and make them even better and more responsive to changing environmental and user’s needs.
  • Pharmaceutical Processing: The cost and availability of healthcare and safe prescription drugs are at a near crisis stage worldwide. To keep pace with the increasing demands while meeting profitable and safe processing objectives, Pharma companies are increasingly relying on second generation software solutions like G2 and its related layered products. You can too.
  • Smart Manufacturing: The worldwide move to Industry 4.0 has shown that manufacturing profits and manufacturing goals can be best realized by employing intelligent factory solutions. G2 is being used to mange and control system down-time, employ reliability centered maintenance (RCM) on machine tools, and control overall cost of operations.
  • Chemical Processing: Analyze your processing data faster and more accurately and effectively manage your operations. G2 and its related layered software products like bAware improve enterprise process management and control.
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