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Space Program

NASA Platform for Autonomous Systems (NPAS):

The NASA Platform for Autonomous Systems (NPAS) is a TR7 level G2 integrated toolkit developed by D2K for NASA.  NPAS has expanded G2 to autonomously manage and control deep space flight systems for the Moon and Mars landing projects and has been cross compiled for use on Flight Processors (including compatibility with VxWorks RTOS. NPAS is an integrated toolkit that provides a stable, repeatable, model  based PHM system platform that facilitates

the implementation and control of autonomous mission critical applications such as:

  • Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM) including prognosis and diagnosis
  • Monitoring and control of equipment like computing, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical
  • Monitoring and control of sensors
  • Monitoring and control of entire systems, like electrical and flow systems
  • Failure mode effects analysis
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