Gensym G2


G2? Old News?

It has a fresh look. 

Did you know that: 

Genysm/ Ignite has released G2 2019 with new pricing and expanded technical support from Ignite and partners like D2K. It is available now for all previous as well as new users.
Ignite/Gensym’ s 2019 improved powerful Real-time Expert System G2® automates the control and decision management of any complex system, process or simulation, and is an on-premise solution available in both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.
G2 has been proven in the world’s largest enterprises that require 24×7 uptime in true mission-critical production installations, such as:
  • Space Exploration – Delivering intelligent autonomous control of critical flight systems for NASA’s Advanced Exploration and Deep Space Gateway programs.
  • National Defense – Providing systematic control of advanced arresting gear (AAG)landing systems for the United States Navy new aircraft carriers.
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical – Developing prognostic machine learning decision tree analytics to improve plant management process management and control.
  • Energy – Adapting the production and distribution of both renewable and fossil fuel energy sources to meet new environmental standards.
  • Telecommunications -  Diagnosing the root causes of problems and quickly and drastically reducing the time to respond to faults.
The key benefits of G2 today include:


  • A real-time reasoning and inference engine:  Allows the rapid development of “expert” systems for simulation, process and production control.
  • A unique expert system platform: Facilitates enablement of many use cases by providing a unified development, test, deployment and management platform.
  • Software Automated Testing Utilities: Provides users with the ability to accurately test software designs early and often in the design cycle.
  • ·Friendly User and Developer Interfaces: Reduces training time for new G2 developers and users.
  • Model Based Systems Engineering Design Tools: Exploits the use of domain model rather than document-based data interchange increasing productivity by in large design teams.
  • Decision Tree Analytics: Improves the quality and accuracy of decisions made in control applications involving huge data sets.
  • Improved Alarm Management: Reduces control room response time to correct off-normal conditions and alarm chatter.
  • Digital Twin Capability: Reduces implementation time by Enabling the use of high fidelity virtual robotic prototypes in industrial automation and similar applications.
  • Microprocessor based Platforms: Supports new distributed data processing applications for smart manufacturing and space satellite swarms.  
  • Unique Case Application Builder: Supports applications that cater to unique use cases in industries as different as terrestrial mining and manufacturing, as well as telemetry-based management of space assets like satellites, aircraft engines and everything in between.
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