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Model Based Engineering



Example of a Digital Twin - NASA Autonomous Propellent Loading System

Model Based Systems Engineering
Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a systems engineering methodology that incorporates a set of domain models used to define, design, and document a system under development.  D2K has taken the concept further by incorporating these domain models into software in order to leverage their utility during system requirements derivation, design, analysis, test, verification and validation. Our version of this practice, known as Model Based Engineering (MBE), is consistent with the notion of the Digital Thread, where related domain models are used to achieve benefits throughout the project lifecycle. They are also useful after deployment for software maintenance and operator training.

Example Electrical Domain Modeling

D2K MBE Modeling Support
D2K platform software (e.g. bAware, NPAS) has incorporated an MBE modeling infrastructure that supports the rapid creation of “Digital Thread Ready” system domain models. Model
creation is provided through graphical, drag-and-drop palettes that support configuration of model topology, along with component attributes, functions, relationships, failure modes, and projected usage.
We have Model Based Engineering and Reasoning solutions for You!
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