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Maria is the ideal picture of the successful American dream. Escaping from Cuba at an early age with her upper class family and arriving in America with nothing, she quickly learned to overcome the obstacles of a new culture and language, finish school, study nursing, and work in the medical industry.  She did all this while living out the conviction that care of the elderly, as well as the young, was the role of the family, from her grandmother and parents to her two youngest Ugandan children. It is this tenacity and commitment to responsibility, as well as her desire to honor God in all she does, that makes her a driving force as D2K’s CEO.

RN training at Castleton University

Maria Walker

Chief Executive Officer

Over the past 30 years, Mark has been one of the leading software engineers at Hughes Aircraft, BF Goodrich, General Atomics and several commercial organizations. He has been involved and led in the research and development of fault tolerant intelligent systems using Neural Networks, Fuzzy Adaptive Systems, and several Object-Oriented Design platforms.

He holds several patents in the fields of Neural Networks and Fault Tolerant Systems and is a recognized authority and author of papers in the fields of Integrated System Health Management (ISHM), Prognostics and Health Management (PHM), and Model Based Reasoning. He is also an active member in IEEE and AIAA.

MS Computer Engineering, USC

BSEE, Computer & Electrical Engineering, California Poly. Pomona, CA

Vocational Teaching Credential, University San Diego

Mark Walker

Vice President of Engineering

Jon is one of our most gifted engineers with a broad range of experience covering fourteen years and including software platforms like LabView, MatLab, G2, among others.  He has held both entry and senior level engineering positions with Rowan University, NASA, and the private sector. His expertise was recognized by NASA when they bestowed upon him the prestigious NASA SFA Honoree and two Group Achievement Awards.

Jon stays current through his membership in the IEEE Society. He is a published author on subjects including Intelligent Health Monitoring Systems (IHSM) and Intelligent Sensor design. He is a respected mentor to his fellow engineers and has a voracious appetite for learning new technical skills and applying them on his projects. He is the primary architect of D2K’s Test Automation Utility (TAU) for G2 that has already set the standard for improved software unit testing.

BS Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rowan University

Jon Morris

Chief Software Architect

Bill has over 50 years of computer hardware design, marketing and Sales experience. Starting in the early 1960’s he was a computer design engineer for North American Rockwell on the Minuteman Missile program. He quickly advanced to a senior logic design engineer and then to Product Manager and finally to Vice President of Marketing.

After 18 years, He started his own marketing and distribution company focusing on graphics terminal products and computer data back-up and restore systems. Always staying tuned in to the rapidly evolving computer industry has been a constant learning challenge – one that Bill continues to embrace at D2K Technologies.

MBA, Pepperdine University

BS Physics, CSU, Long Beach

William walker

Chief Operating Officer