D2K Sponsors 2017 PHM Society Conference

The ninth annual PHM Society conference was held in St. Petersburg Florida from October 2 – October 6, 2017. The annual PHMS conferences bring together the global community of Prognostic Health Management experts from industry, academia, and government organizations specializing in such diverse applications as energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive and industrial automation. Leading companies and research institutions present and share their latest work, products, and predictive technologies.

For the second year in a row, D2K was not only a participant, but a featured sponsor. Attending this year were Mark Walker, VP Engineering, Joshua Broberg and Michael Walker, Software Engineers, and William Walker Chief Operations Officer.

D2K displayed their most recent work among which included examples of Model Based System Engineering; Applied Artificial Intelligence; Autonomous Software Control of Mission Critical Systems; Synergistic Software Engineering; and Prognostic Health Management.

William Walker commented, “Even though our most recent successes have been our working relationships in the space and defense sectors, we are well positioned now to provide similar service to the industrial and energy sectors. One of our objectives this year is to begin the development of similar relationships with potential clients in these areas.”