IEEE Aerospace Conference Wrap-up

     The trip was great for the D2K Team in attendance! The conference was full of interesting and cutting edge topics to learn about, and tons of snow. Mark Walker give a couple presentations as well as participated in a technical panel discussion relating to the Diagnostics, Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) track of the conference. We have it on good authority he did a phenomenal job!  As far as the conference in general, there were 14 different tracks that held daily sessions that attendees were able to join.  Unfortunately, there would be times where you had to pick and choose between several events, because so much was going on at once.  Here are the D2K Team highlights:

Science and Aerospace Frontiers, Space Missions, Systems and Architectures, Government Plans, Policies and Education, Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration, Astronaut - Robot Cooperation, Mission Options and Technologies for Human Exploration, Data Production on past and Future NASA Missions, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program (NIAC), Access to Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities, Operational Uses of Consumer-Class UAVs

Software and Computing
Agile Methodology for Spacecraft Ground Software Development: A Cultural Shift, Flight Software Verification Methods, NSF GENI Cloud Enabled Architecture of Distributed Scientific Computing
Data Processing Unit Using COTS Micro-controllers, Classification of Multi-failure Mechanisms in Space Operations Using Novel PLS-DA Approach, SOFIA Observatory Automated Scheduling after 5 Years of Operations, Multilateral Quality Mission Planning for Solar-Powered Long-Endurance UAV, FPGA Architecture for Deep Learning and Its Application to Planetary Robotics

Diagnostics, Prognostics and Health Management (PHM)

Machine Learning for Improved Diagnosis and Prognosis in Healthcare, Mutual Information-based Heartbeat Similarity Measurement for Crew Health Monitoring in Space, System Based Monitoring of a Neuromusculoskeletal System Using Divide and Conquer Type Models, Novel Approach of Satellite Health Monitoring, Diagnosis and Prediction via PLS Batch Modelling, Aircraft On-Condition Reliability Assessment Based on Data-Intensive Analytics, Estimation of Wing Flexure Deformation in Transfer Alignment Based on Inertial Sensors Network, Aircraft Containment and Leak Detection Sensor System for Condition Based Maintenance, PHM Enabled Autonomous Propellant Loading Operations, PHM from a Practitioner's Perspective - Experiences and Lessons Learned

Management, Systems Engineering and Cost

Progression of the NASA Flight Software Estimation Model: A Web-Based Cost Analysis Tool, Data-mining Turbofan Engine Performance to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Just to name a few...