D2K Presents @ IEEE Aerospace Conference

  • PHM Enabled Autonomous Propellant Loading Operations
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  • SCHEDULED ON:Thursday Evening, March 09 @ 08:55, in Cheyenne
  • AUTHOR(S):Mark Walker
  • SYNOPSIS:The demand for autonomous management and control of aerospace systems for both ground and flight operations is increasing at a fervent pace. This includes systems that are required to perform according to mission objectives when there are no humans available for making decisions. The demand is also driven by manned systems which can be operated more safely, more cost-effectively, or more conveniently when operated without direct human intervention. Because autonomous operations systems are responsible for acting on decisions based on what is happening externally (external awareness), as well as what is happening internally (internal awareness), the artificial intelligence technologies associated with system level Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) have emerged as key enabling technologies for delivering autonomous operations. This paper describes ongoing research at Kennedy Space Center that has focused on leveraging generic, model-based reasoning systems for providing autonomous decision support during cryogenic spacecraft propellant loading. The generic approach and architecture are not restricted to hydraulic systems, but can readily be applied to the delivery of PHM enabled autonomy for any mission critical system.