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NASA Platform for Autonomous Systems 

NPAS-Generic Platform for Development of Autonomous Systems

The NPAS toolkit enables the rapid creation of robust autonomous systems for applications such as:

· Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM)   including prognosis and diagnosis

· Monitoring and control of equipment like computing,   hydraulic, mechanical and electrical

· Monitoring and control of sensors

· Monitoring and control of entire systems, like electrical   and flow systems

· Failure mode effects analysis


NPAS Features

· Distributed, hierarchical   autonomous   systems

· Safety-certified autonomous  systems   (in development)

· Anomaly detection and identification

· User-friendly user interfaces

· Knowledge models

· Autonomy strategies

· Mission plan creation, scheduling &   execution

NPAS for NASA Integrated Power, Avionics, and Software Systems (iPAS)
Developed for NASA, NPAS is an integrated toolkit that provides a stable, repeatable, model  based PHM system platform that facilitates the implementation and control of autonomous mission critical applications.
NPAS has been developed to assure that the following iPAS systems will meet  or exceed their intended deep space functions: 
 ¨ Power systems (AMPS)
¨ Avionics Systems
¨ Space Bus Network Interface
¨ Vehicle Manager
Developed for NASA - TR-Level 7 Solution Deployed in Multiple Projects.
Similar Technology Available on Request!
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