D2K Technologies is engaged in diverse partnerships & collaboration Agreements.

To assure the cost effective and timely delivery of our integrated solutions, D2K selectively partners with a cadre of proven best-of-breed artificial Intelligence software platform developers. We expand and build on these platforms to meet the specific objectives of each client.

Since 1986, Gensym’ s G2 has been the leading real-time expert system development platform for building mission critical process control, alarm management, and complex simulation applications. G2 has been successfully installed and implemented in a variety of both government and commercial applications

Since 2001 UReason has built a proven track record with customers in a wide variety of industries. Active in process industries – petrochemical/chemical – telecom, smart grid and smart cities. Focusing on machine learning, predictive analytics, probabilistic reasoning, simulation and event stream processing, UReason platforms help organizations in managing their data and optimizing their operations.

We are always looking to partner or collaborate with innovative businesses on the cutting edge of their industries to drive mission critical autonomous solutions for Government, Military, and Private industries.