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D2K Introduced Their New Logo and Transformational Company Image at the Space Tech Expo in Pasadena

After five successful years meeting the space mission critical needs of their NASA clients,

D2K is transforming its focus by adding additional products and engineering services. Among the new products introduced at the conference was the machine learning software toolkit bAware. Additional machine learning products and services will be announced in the coming months.

The message addressed at the D2K exhibit booth was: “Can Machine Learning software tools really improve my production or mission processes?” The majority response was, YES!

In addition to the other promotional information on the transition, D2K engineers showcased the new product with a live demonstration that was open to any of the nearly 4000 attendees. The response was very positive.

The new D2K Machine Learning webinar series scheduled to start in July was also announced and pre-registration was made available.

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