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“PHM in Manufacturing (me4phm) Industry Forum - Scottsdale Arizona, September 23, 2019

D2K is continuing our participation in the NIST/PHM Society:

As part of our continuing effort to help establish software standards for all segments of the Manufacturing industry, we will be participating in an all-day workshop addressing this issue in Arizona in September.

Along with NIST and the PHM Society, we are inviting additional interested organizations to join us in developing these standards.

This largely discussion-based event will feature talks from PHM technologists, researchers, integrators, end-users, and researchers operating/focused in manufacturing. It is expected that this event will be documented in a resultant report that will present the best practices, lessons learned, challenges, and needs in measuring, verifying, and validating PHM technologies applicable to or active in manufacturing.

For more information and to register click here:

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