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D2K Participates in the 11th Annual PHM Conference in Scottsdale, AZ September 21-26

D2K Senior Staff Scientist, Mark Walker, Senior Account Manager, Mike Konrad, and Event Sponsor Chair, Michael Walker joined near record attendees at the event. Those attending were a global community of PHM experts from industry, academia, and government in diverse application areas, such as, energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive, human health & performance, smart manufacturing, and industry

D2K, as a continuing Bronze sponsor of this event and a member of the sponsorship committee, also presented a technical paper on “Technology Development & Integration - Emergent PHM and the Capabilities that must be Assessed” . (Click Here for download) This paper highlighted the recent advances made by D2K engineers in leveraging model-based reasoning and graphical programming to investigate the utility of control decision tree inferencing for validating, monitoring, and executing control strategies for process control problems.

As experts in the fields, D2K also participated in two important Panel Sessions: 1. PHM for Manufacturing Panel Session, and 2. PHM for Space Applications Panel Session.

As ongoing members, D2K staff contributed in a full day Industry workshop, “MEASUREMENT and EVALUATION for PHM in MANUFACTURING (ME4PHM)” This heavily discussion-based workshop featured panel presentations and discussions from industry, government, and academia outlining the best practices, lessons learned, challenges, and needs in measuring, verifying, and validating PHM technologies applicable to or active in manufacturing.

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