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D2K Tech to present at upcoming MFPT Webinar series

A webinar on Maintenance and Reliability Management is coming on June and we want to make sure you will not miss it. Why? Because members of our technical team will be talking about our experience with digitally enabling maintenance and reliability management for existing engineering systems at NASA’s Stennis Space Center.

From Chairman of the Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT), Preston Johnson, we reproduce the details of this event, so that you can join us:

“Offered on June 16, 10am Central Chicago time, this webinar presents the authors’ experiences resulting from the application of diagnostic and prognostic analytics for equipment associated with the High-Pressure Gas Facility (HPGF) infrastructure at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Mississippi. It also provides an example of how an ontologically inspired domain representation (a so-called operational 'digital twin') can be used to manage workflows and strategies associated with maintenance and reliability management.

We invite you to register at Digitally Enabling Maintenance and Reliability Management for Existing Engineering Systems. The webinar will be recorded, with a link shared to all those who register.  

You will build your knowledge around these key takeaways:

  • Real-world (NASA) applications of autonomous anomaly detection and remaining useful life prediction

  • Empowering PCBM analytics with ontologically inspired “Digital Twins”

  • PCBM integration with maintenance and reliability management systems using real-time NLP

  • Delivering online PCBM using autonomous model-based Orchestration platforms

  • Implementing Data-to-Knowledge (D2K) transformations for 'Situation Aware' PCBM management”

We are very excited to participate. Be sure to register today!

For more information about what D2K can do for you, visit:

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