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Be Transformational! bAware! At Space Tech May 21-22, 2019

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D2K is building generic toolbox software that enables system developers to more rapidly employ and deploy artificial intelligence for complex system management. One of our toolboxes is being used by NASA for building autonomous operations systems. We are announcing the bAware Data to Knowledge suite, which is designed so that system developers and end-users can quickly configure intelligent software behavior through graphical programming constructs. The tool also aids the user in defining and managing information flow through a palette-based user interface. The bAware platform is modular, supporting multiple reusable libraries, and leverages a real-time expert system. A recently developed set of libraries is dedicated to integrating machine learning paradigms into bAware solutions.

At the Space Tech Expo on May 21, as an extension of its Machine Learning 101 online course, D2K will be demonstrating the utility of a bAware library (bAwareDT) dedicated to Decision Tree Inferencing from manufacturing process data.

Decision tree inferencing is data driven, allowing process operators and analysts to feed historical data into a trained model in order to obtain a graphical representation of the decision tree that represents the basis of the control decisions. Users can readily import data, label and configure inputs and outputs, initiate the model training, evaluate results, and employ tree pruning techniques for optimizing the inferred decision tree.

bAwareDT also allows users to readily create solutions that employ decision trees as a process monitor, or in fact employ the decision tree for supervisory or autonomous control within a larger bAware solution..

Come to the D2K Tech booth #9304 at the 12:00 noon on May 21 and get a crash course on decision tree inferencing!

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