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Marshall Small Business Alliance Meeting

D2K Attended NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center’s 27th Small Business Alliance Meeting on April 11 at the Davidson Center for Space Exploration and discussed ways that D2K can participate in the future of NASA’s space exploration program.

The Marshall Space Flight Center works with over 200 small businesses. Some of the latest programs were revealed, providing opportunities for even more companies to work with NASA as they prepare for the next phase of space development.

One of the new programs is the Nuclear Thermal Technology Program. It focuses on using nuclear thermal as a new course for propulsion to space.

"These are exciting new programs, and this will be the first time that we've had an opportunity to share some information about these programs to our industry partners," David Brock, the Small Business Specialist for the Marshall Space Flight Center, said.

NASA officials say a total of 800 small businesses across 44 states are currently working to develop NASA's Space Launch System. Even more businesses will look to get involved in some of the latest projects.

Good news for D2K!

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