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D2K Tech demonstrated core capabilities of autonomous operations capabilities for NASA’s Lunar Gateway to NASA’s AES Division and Gateway industry partners!

Building on our years of experience in autonomous and intelligent system development and expertise with NASA’s Platform for Autonomous Systems (NPAS), The ASL team delivered five prototype autonomous systems managers within 4 months! This platform allowed us to realistically demonstrate key interactions between multiple levels of autonomous managers within the Gateway.

Artist's concept of Lunar Gateway - Credit: NASA

Organized in a hierarchy of responsibility and authority, autonomous managers will exist for nearly every level of the Gateway’s system – including individual component managers, system managers, module managers, and the Gateway-wide Vehicle Manager. Among the capabilities demonstrated were: scheduling of activities that could occur when there is no crew in the Gateway; the registration of new capabilities when a new Module is docked; and the detection and signaling of failed System Manager task to its Module Manager where it is either handled within the module or passed up to the Gateway Vehicle Manager if the failure impacts multiple modules.

D2K Tech is excited to be continuing this adventure with NASA and the rest of the ASL Team!

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