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NOW AVAILABLE! Webinar #1 "Decision Trees: Deriving Decision Logic From Data"

Thank you for your patience. We had some technical difficulties but the anticipated webinar is now available on our website.

The 2019 D2K Machine Learning webinar series is designed to inform and educate developers, systems engineers, project managers, marketeers, and business developers.

Can the ability to apply Machine Learning paradigms such as decision trees really enhance your operation, increase your reliability, prevent catastrophe, save you money, or improve your bottom line? The answer is definitely “yes.”

To bring light to these paradigms and highlight the potential of applied machine learning, D2K Tech is proud to announce the first in a series of Applied Machine Learning webinars.

Complimentary and on demand.

Presented by D2K Technologies Chief Technologist, Mark Walker. 25 plus years of machine learning software engineering design for defense, government , and industrial applications.

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