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We Invite You to the 11th Annual Conference of the PHM Society and Space Applications Panel

September 21-26, 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona

D2K and the PHM Society are inviting interested engineers and managers from the commercial space industry to join the "PHM for Space Applications" panel.

No PHM background or experience is required.

This is an awesome opportunity to help the PHM community answer questions and gather solid data. It will also be an outstanding networking opportunity. D2K and our engineers have been active sponsors and members of the PHM Society since 2009.

The planned use of manned and long term crewed space platforms, as well as quick to launch and reusable space vehicles, is increasing at an accelerating rate. There are several near term NASA plans: a lunar Gateway station, a permanent lunar base, studies into a Mars sample retrieval, and much more. Vehicles and platforms to accomplish these far reaching goals will include crewed and autonomous space and surface based stations and habitats, various types of launch capabilities, and various kinds of support subsystems and technologies. Beside NASA and other government directed organizations, commercial based entities are aggressively developing systems to achieve these same, and additional, space related goals. The associated commercial focused applications include space tourism, space-based hotels, and resource mining.

The Space Applications Panel will focus on issues and challenges associated with these applications and how PHM capabilities can be applied to reduce risks, increase efficiencies, and ensure resilient sustainability of these vehicles, habitats, and systems.

Register for the conference at:

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