Bring the power of the xUnit test framework into G2


Develop tests and test cases quickly using intuitive menus, automated code generation, and a library of assertion methods.


TAU groups your tests by test case and displays them in a single user interface. Prominently displayed results give you immediate feedback on a test run.


Run the tests you need; when you need. In a few clicks you can run all, some, or just one test - perfect for test driven development!



Easily create a permanent artifacts of your test results. Detailed reports of the last test run are saved with a single click.


Keep your production code clean by saving all test code in test modules. They attach above the module-under-test making it easy to test exactly what needs testing.


TAU has basic code quality checks built in. Check your application for for Items with Notes, methods and procedures with unused variables, and consistent modularization in a few clicks.